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About Upsite-Down Net

About the website
Payment details
Privacy details

About the website

What has UpSite-Down to offer?
UpSite-Down is a website dedicated to model photography of tall women. We want to entertain you with pictures of tall models in beautiful scenery.
Where can I find these pictures?
The pictures are organized around themes or photo shoots and put in galleries. The button 'Galleries' brings you to the page that shows an overview, starting with the most recent ones.
Alternately you can click on 'Models' to see which models are currently featured on UpSite-Down. Every model has a clickable overview of galleries in which she appears.
When was UpSite-Down last updated?
The page 'Galleries' shows, among other things, the latest updates.
Where does the name UpSite-Down come from? comes from the theme: The Site Where He Looks Up And She Looks Down...

Payment details

What does it cost to join?
For a recurring monthly fee of USD 12,50 you can join UpSite-Down.
You can join online by credit card and get instant access. We do not process payments ourselves. CCBill, an internet billing company, with 24/7 customer support looks after this.
How do I stop the recurring payments?
CCBill will send you a confirmation email with details on how to stop the membership. Essentially it tells you to go to their website, fill in your name and password and hit cancel.
May, for whatever reason, this procedure not work, get in contact and we will cancel the membership for you.
Is there a risk I cannot enjoy the website after I paid?
The web page is certain to work with PC's running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and over a direct Dial Up line. It has been tested with other systems, but only now and then. The public part and the members-only part are very similar in functionality. If the public part works for you, the members-only part should work too.
Nonetheless, when you join and find out the page does not work properly, please let us know which problems you experience and the configuration you use (Apple/PC, which browser, which version of Flash, which internet provider and whether you use direct connection, LAN and or a Firewall) and we will try to solve the problem, or return your money within a week from your first notice, when we can not get it solved.
How can I pay?
You can pay by credit card and, when you live in the USA, by 0900 number.
When you do not have any of these ways at your disposal, get in contact. Maybe we can arrange other ways.
Does UpSite-Down get my address or credit card details?
No, a credit card company processes the payments. They in turn notify us a payment has been done and which emailaddress, name and password you chose. We do not get the other details involved in the payment.

Privacy details

Do you know my personal details when I join?
No, a trusted credit card processing company receives and processes you details.
We only receive a confirmation that the payment is done.
What personal information do you store?
The website forum registers the username you supply when creating an account and it stores an email address via which you can be reached. You can choose both yourself.
What traffic information do you store?
UpSite-Down makes statistics about the number of times pictures and pages are viewed. Personal information is not linked to the traffic information. The statistics are used to tune the material to what the visitors of UpSite-Down appreciate most.


Are there any known incompatibilities?
Yes, read the part below here before joining this webpage.
Portable Network Graphics support needed
PNG NutUpSite-Down uses 'Portable Network Graphics' (PNG) in stead of 'Graphics Interchange Format' (GIF). A nut should appear on the left here - when it does not appear, your browser does not support PNG and you might experience problems viewing UpSite-Down.
The reason UpSite-Down uses PNG is because the compression algorithm of the image is nonproprietary, unlike LZW which is used in GIF.
Parsing script support
Parsing NutUpSite-Down uses a parsing script to fetch pictures from its database.
On the left here should appear a nut - if not, the website can not show pictures from its database.
When it shows an unhappy face, the parsing works, but passing a variable to the picture did not work - also then you will experience difficutlies browsing UpSite-Down.

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