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Welcome to the Upsite-Down Affiliate Program

- Do you have people visiting your website that may
also be interested in Upsite-Down?

- Do you have a link list or do you advise your visitors
to check out other websites?

- Are you enthusiastic about Upsite-Down?

- And do you want to earn some extra money?

Then this page is for you!

Here you can learn how to help your visitors explore the net and earn some extra income in a really simple way by using the Upsite-Down Affiliate Program. Read on.

In a nutshell:
Upsite-Down pays you $ 3,- per month for each person you referred to our website that became a member.
The affiliate program is carried out by CCBill.
You will receive the $ 3,- bonus per month even when the visitor waits up to 7 days before subscribing.
CCBill sends the checks directly to you.

100 referrers pays you$300,- per month$3.600,- per year
200 referrers pays you$600,- per month$7.200,- per year
500 referrers pays you$1500,- per month$18.000,- per year

There is no risk, it only takes you half an hour to link your site up to Upsite-Down.
On this page you can read how. And if you do not succeed, you can take the links away. No other cost involved.

Unfamiliar with affiliate programs? Let me tell you more:

An affiliate program works as follows:
Imagine you have your own website that has visitors who may also be interested in Upsite-Down.
Since you are enthusiastic about Upsite-Down, you mention it on your website and provide a link, so your visitors can explore it. This link may be a banner on your link list, a text link in one of your articles, anything you provided that makes your visitor visit Upsite-Down too.

And maybe such a visitor was delighted to find this new page and decided to join as a paying member. That way you helped us maintain and expand Upsite-Down for which we are grateful. And we like to give you something back: for every new member that joined via your site you will receive us$ 3,- per month for the entire time he stays a paying subscriber.

Our eMerchant provider, CCBill, tracks the visitors that you forward to Upsite-Down and notices when they subscribe. Their technology is so advanced that even when a visitor from your site waits up to 7 days before he subscribes to Upsite-Down, CCBill still remembers him and pays you the $ 3,- fee. To achieve that it uses both cookies and sessions, in case one fails, the other one will make sure you get credit for the subscription.

Every month you will receive a check with the amount of money you earned, which you can cash at your local bank or money office.

The 2 easy steps to joining the affiliate program
Joining is as simple as following the two steps below: Each step is further explained when you click the link.

1 - Get a Dedicated CCBill Affiliate ID
You need to get a dedicated CCBill Affiliate ID to promote Upsite-Down even if you have a CCBill Affiliate ID for other websites.
When you have never used CCBill's affiliate system before, you need to create your own account with CCBill.
When you have an exisiting Affiliate ID, you can login on CCBill to get a new Affiliate ID for Upsite-Down. Statistics and payout from both your existing referals and this new one will be merged.

2 - The Bannerfarm - Add links to your site
Once you have got a new Affiliate ID from step 1, you need text links and banners to promote Upsite-Down, no worries, we have material prepared for you. It is collected in what we call 'The Banner Farm'.
From the collection of text links and banners, choose those that fit your website best. Copy the ready and taylor made HTML code in the places where you like to have the links... ready!

It is that simple. If you have any questions left though, you may want to read the Frequently Asked Questions about the Upsite-Down Affiliate Program.

Okay, let's get set and do it:

The first step:

Go here when you already have a CCBill Affiliate account: Login on CCBill

Go here when you first need to create a CCBill Affiliate account: Create a new CCBill Affiliate account

Affiliate program:
Earn money!

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