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Kaikura Net
Kaikura is an online photo magazine, dedicated to model photography of tall women.

Many of the world's tallest, sexiest and prettiest models will appear here in special galleries accompanied by their biography. As a fan you'll be able to access this original material.

A tall woman is very special...
And our models will show that to you.
Added: (2 Oct 04)  by Hans
Tall, Comparison 
Amazons Review
Amazons Review: an overview of all the websites with tall women, giantesses, amazons and female bodybuilders. The best ones are reviewed and have some free preview pictures.
Added: (31 Mar 10)  by Hans
Tall, Wrestling, Giantess, Amazons, Feet, Domination, Smothering, Nudity, Video, Stories, Art, Uplook, Bodybuilders, Trampling
The Tall Pages
Almost 14 Years online, this is the original Tall Pages, with Gwen's stories
Added: (1 Dec 02)  by Hans
Tall, Comparison, Stories, Art
Tall Josephine
I am a 37 year old Swedish woman living in the Netherlands
Added: (10 Mar 04)  by Kaikura
Tall Women Collages -New Edition!
Tall Women Cinema with voting funtion for best movie.Tall women collages gallery,height comparisons,tall women vs short men,towering giantess,long legs,very tall girls,videostore.
Added: (10 Jun 03)  by Peter B.
Tall, Comparison, Domination, Video, Phantasy, Collage, Art 
Japan Tall Girls Fan Club (Japanes)
Japan Tall Girls List &Tall Girls Picter
Tall Girls BBS !
Added: (20 Jun 03)  
Tall, Feet, Nudity 
Amazon Amanda
The best, biggest, baddest, sexiest amazon u have ever seen. face-sitting, domination, humiliation, trampling, feet, comparison sizes.
Added: (15 Jul 03)  
Tall, Comparison, Wrestling, Feet, Domination, Smothering, Video, Phantasy, Uplook, Trampling
Amazon Astrid
Website of 197cm / 6'5" Amazon Astrid
Added: (22 Nov 03)  
Tall, Comparison 
Giantess Zone
RacerX was the first one to launche a site with giantess phantasies. He now produces videos.
Added: (9 apr 02)  
Giantess, video, phantasy, feet
Yahoo-Group: Feet-Comparison
Many Photos with Feet-Comparisons
Added: (20 Sep 03)  
Women With Big Feet
The purpose of this website is to make women with larger feet feel good about themselves by showing them that they are not alone out there in their never ending search for properly fitting shoes. There are 935 women on this international list which goes from US women's size 12 & on up. Starting with size 12, the names are ordered with the shortest women starting the list.
Added: (29 Jan 04)  
Amazon's Prod from France,the best in REAL wrestling action.
Video female wrestling topless.

Added: (20 Feb 04)  by Marc
Max Foote presents Feet Fancy
Feet Fancy has been a dream of mine for quite a while. While I was an IT specialist by day, I was a foot enthusiast, such as you, by night.

Well, that dream has become a reality. I submit for your consideration the goal to create the best foot tease website on the net today. Over the next few months, watch as Feet Fancy grows to become the site you have always been looking for. My name’s Max Foote and that’s my promise.

Added: (27 Apr 04)  
Hands, Feet
for members special arranged photoshootings
Added: (13 Feb 05)  
Tall, Comparison, Nudity, Art, Uplook, Bodybuilders 
Tall Models Agency
Tall Models Agency
Added: (9 Apr 05)  
Tall women. Short Mem. Stories, illustrations and more.

Added: (13 May 05)  
Tall, Comparison, Amazons, Phantasy, Stories, Art 
6'3 Model and Pro Boxer Jennifer Childers
Daily blog and photo gallery.
Added: (28 Jul 05)  
Tall Impress - The First Online Height Comparisons Service
the brand new art of Interactive Video Collections that allows each adult tall women lover to compare the height of own body to beautiful and very Tall Women in more than 100 movies! Now, this is possible to get directly in "The Height Comparisons Collections" and to be compared to our Tall Models absolutely Real!
Added: (25 Sep 05)  
Tall, Comparison, Domination, Video, Phantasy, Collage 
tall women and girl height comparison
Added: (28 Feb 06)  by veveve1234567
Welcome to, home of some of the most interesting tall people of the world.
You will have interesting reading and shopping. You will not hear "How's the
weather up there." Enjoy!
Added: (15 Mar 06)  
6ft5 beautiful tall girl 21 years young
another great website from the people behind
A lovely 6ft5 beauty 21 years young
Added: (23 Jun 06)  
Tall, Comparison, Feet, Nudity, Collage, Art 
Added: (17 Sep 06)  by Marc
Wrestling, Video 
BK Big and Tall Beds
Its always better in a bigger bed... Beds designed for the big and tall up to 8ft long affordable, quality latex and memory foam mattresses. 20 yr warranty reinforced mattress and base. Custom bed frames for big and tall.
Added: (4 Oct 06)  by Shelby Largent
YourHighness - designer clothes for tall women
YourHighness sell designer clothes for tall women. Our assortment is founded on branded clothing with extra length, specially designed for fashionable tall girls and women.

Added: (29 Jan 07)  
Tall NEW 6ft3+ Mikayla site
6ft3 220lbs Goddess Mikayla Miles, the Mile High Model, tallest fitness & foot model, queen of lift and carry, strong and beautiful Amazon from Colorado. A supersized green eyes woman with sexy curves and BIG muscles.
Added: (17 Mar 07)  
Tall, Comparison, Hands, Wrestling, Amazons, Feet, Domination, Smothering, Nudity, Video, Collage, Art, Uplook, Bodybuilders, Trampling, Sports 
Tall Amazons is the most comprehensive ever listing of women standing 6 ft 0 inches (182.88 cm) and taller. Entries in this free website include photographs and links to feature websites.
Added: (29 Jul 07)  by Johnny C
Tall, Comparison, Amazons, Sports
Clothing and much more for the TALL woman. Come see us.
Added: (6 Aug 07)  
Amazon Goddess Mikayla, the ULTIMATE amazon supermodel
6'3 220lbs Mile High Mikayla the green eyes beautiful all natural Amazon Fitness Goddess with huge hands and feet.
Added: (16 Oct 07)  
Tall, Comparison, Hands, Wrestling, Amazons, Feet, Domination, Smothering, Video, Bodybuilders, Trampling 
Photograph galleries of tall women whom you may be able to identify. New galleries every 14 days
Added: (24 Mar 08)  by Johnny C
Tall, Comparison, Amazons, Sports 
Ever womdered who are the TALLEST LIVING WOMEN in the world? Click here to discover the answer...
Added: (24 Mar 08)  by Johnny C
Tall, Amazons 
7 foot plus blogspot
A List of the World's Tallest Ever People
Added: (25 Mar 08)  
Tall, Comparison, Amazons, Feet, Uplook 
Andrea is a 6'9" tall model from germany
Andrea stand 6'9" tall barefoot. In her highest heels she´s 7'2" tall. Now she has her own website and many of her videos online on the web!
Added: (17 Aug 08)  by Andrea
Tall, Comparison, Hands, Feet 
Diana the Valkyrie
Diana the Valkyrie has a huge archive of stories, pictures and movies about strong women and female bodybuilders, and also tall women and giantesses.
Added: (28 apr 02)  
Tall, Giantess, Amazons, Bodybuilders
Severa - Height: 6'5 Weight: 185lbs
The illustrious Severa, is the most incredible Amazon New York City has ever seen! Standing 6'5 in bare feet, (nearly 6'10 in heels!), she towers over all men and women, and inspires awe in those lucky enough to behold her in person.
Added: (8 May 02)  by Hans
Tall, Feet, Domination, Uplook 
Suzy McGee - 6 foot lioness
Welcome to Suzanna McGee's home! I am a full blooded Swede, born in 1965 in Czechoslovakia, but relocated to Sweden in 1988, and discovered California in 1995. I somehow turned into a Personal Trainer and Roller Boogie Queen. And you somehow found my homage.
Added: (1 Jul 02)  by Hans
Tall, Bodybuilders, Amazons
Real Big Giantess Queen Raqui
Welcome to Queen Raqui's Palace. I am a Super Sized BBW Puerto Rican Amazon Queen:

27 years old. Standing 6'4 inches tall barefoot. Weighing 600 lbs. Dimensions: 56 FF cup, 63 waist, 96 hips.
Added: (9 Jul 02)  
Tall, Comparison, Smothering, Trampling
Yahoo Group: Manster's Giantess Pit
Yahoo Group of Giantess Collages made by Manster725
Added: (10 Jul 02)  
Giantess, Collage
Allogagan's Worlds
Collection of GTS and Tall or Long Legged Females pictures. Most Pictures are of the Female alone and not really in comparison.
Added: (17 Jul 02)  by Allogagan
Giantess, Collage, Art, Anime 
Mega to the second level giantesses
Page with phantasy giantess photo collages.
Added: (17 apr 02)  
Giantess, collage
Builtmore Productions
Here you will discover the fit bodies you’re searching for; the tall, toned amazons who bring on the rush of helpless rapture, the out of body experience, when we come across them unexpectedly.
Added: (9 may 02)  
Amazons, Bodybuilders
Unnaturally Tall Girls
If your heart races whenever you see an exceptionally tall women walk by...if it makes you wonder how anybody could possibly believe a girl can be too tall...if you sneak glances into Tall Gal shops hoping to catch a glance of a long legged lovely...then welcome to Unnaturally Tall Girls
Added: (17 Dec 02)  by Hans
The Amazons Arena
Home of the World's Tallest amd most Powerful Women
Added: (25 Nov 02)  by Jim
Tall, Comparison, Wrestling, Giantess, Feet, Smothering, Video, Collage, Art, Trampling
Joerg's Page for Tall Women
Hello there! My main aim was to create the ultimate resource-page for Tall Women (ladies over 5'10"). Did you know that there are plenty of ladies out there who are taller than you?
Added: (17 Dec 02)  by Heinz
CFM Stiletto Heels
Sexy women in CFM Stiletto Heels.
Added: (20 Jan 03)  
Tall Fantasy
I have a Tall Fantasy and I love to make height and size comparisons with tall beautiful women. I get excited about standing in front of or behind a tall woman and looking up at her. There is no greater sensation than standing on my tiptoes and trying to kiss a much taller women on the lips... but coming up short!
Added: (25 Jan 03)  by Hans
Tall, Comparison, Collage, Nudity, Domination
Bunny Glamazon
Hello. My name is Bunny Sue, but you may know me as Bunny Glamazon. Raised in a southern town in Indiana, I moved around the country until finally settling in Georgia in 1990.
Life can be difficult for a 6th grader, who is already six feet tall and wearing a size ten shoe. I towered over my fellow students and teachers alike. And to top it all off, my real name is Bunny Sue. Not only was I harassed because of my height but can you imagine what I went through being over six feet tall with a name like Bunny? It gave me a real appreciation for “A Boy Named Sue.”
Added: (25 Jan 03)  by Fred
Tall, Comparison, Collage, Nudity, Smothering, Wrestling, Domination
Girl beats boy
Japanese site with pictures of big women wrestling and beating men.
Added: (13 apr 02)  
Tall, wrestling, phantasy
Vegas Amazon
Hello...I'm Gabrielle. I'm from Las Vegas. I am 6'1" and 215lbs of rock hard amazonian muscle. I am a sultry exotic blend of beauty and dominance with a forte of unbelievable strength, stamina and the most devastating leg scissors in the country.
Added: (25 Jan 03)  by Fred
Nudity, Wrestling, Domination, Bodybuilders
Tall Shop
welcome to tallshop.
check out tallplanet, our new pants collection--
and our features on living the life of the statuesque
Added: (26 Jan 03)  
Website of 6'6" tall - 297 Lbs Skytriss. Stories, movies and pictures.
Added: (21 Mar 03)  
Tall, Hands, Feet, Domination, Nudity, Stories, Uplook 
Tallest known women in world history
Tallest known women in world history-name, pictures, height, weight, age, shoe size, state
Added: (30 Mar 03)  
Tall Girls Stories
It is exactly what it called: Non-violent stories about very tall women.
Added: (29 Apr 03)  
Tall, Comparison, Phantasy, Stories, Uplook 
Queen Adrena's Female Wrestling Fan Club
I have always been a "Big" girl. From the age of 13, I was 6'3", and weighed 180 lbs. One day I went to watch the collegiate wrestling team in action. I was inspired by the skill, strength and determination that I saw these young men show, not to mention the great bods and buns. All of a sudden, I felt a passion for a sport that I had never had before.
Added: (28 apr 02)  
Tall, Smothering

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